Wednesday, August 1, 2012

AfterShockDelay by AcmeBarGig

 Delay is extremely useful in the sound shaping/production stage and the mixing stage.  A good delay goes a long long way to phattening up your sounds, and expanding your stereo image.  Delay is also a good way to create "reverb" and "space" without the mud typically associated with most reverb plugins.

Whether your going for the canyon type long echo or a short delay panned wide to give the illusion of space - perhaps to "stereofy" a mono signal.... this delay definitely delivers.

AfterShockDelay combines 3 independent delays - left/center/right, each with there own volume control, feedback control, and time control.  And what I love about this particular plugin is the tap tempo feature.  Tapping the tempo allows for more "feel" with the delay, and makes it easier to try odd delay times that feel right.  The 6 second max delay is way beyond practical uses, so there is plenty of headroom in the time department.

The clip below is with all 3 delays set to tap - the center delay is very short, the side delays are a bit longer and not exactly the same.  The automation changes throughout, from wet to dry, and the levels of each delay are altered as well.

Check the AfterShockDelay product page @ AcmeBarGig and try it out - its free!.

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