Thursday, August 2, 2012

Rough Rider - VST Compressor With Some Color!

There are lots of subtle compressors out there, whether they be as transparent as possible, or emulation of great analog equipment - typically the results are relatively subtle colorations of the sound (aside from the obvious effects of compression)  For the most part, this is preferred, compressor pumping/heavy saturation is typically undesirable - especially for a track that would be called "smooth".

BUT, there are times when that snare drum needs to EXPLODE, or the kick needs to PUMP!  That vocal needs to be undeniably IN YOUR FACE!  The bass needs to be ATOMIC!  Whatever the need, when you need a big big sound that sounds louder than our 0db digital limits allow, its time for some saturation and compression.

In comes Rough Rider - a 32/64 bit FREE compressor plugin from audio damage.  The controls are standard, save for "sensitivity" which is threshold.  I'll not explain compression here, I'll get right to the sound this compressor can help you to create.

Below is a clip with a drum track with Rough Rider applied and the dry signal for comparison.  Rough Rider is especially useful to add "grit" to drum tracks, as you can hear here.  The default settings were used for this video, except the makeup gain was reduced to equalize the volume level between dry and wet.

Available for FREE @ audiodamage.      

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